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An easier way to manage your recordings

Today we’ve made it easier to rename, delete and reorder your slices’ recordings. (Recordings are the audio/video files you’ve synced with notation.)

When viewing any slice you’ve created, you’ll now see a “Recordings” button at the top of the page, between “Sync” and “Settings.”


Click that, and you’ll access a convenient place to manage all the recordings in your slice.


Specifically, you can:

  • Rename a recording by clicking its pencil icon.
  • Edit a video’s closed captions by clicking its “CC” icon.
  • Delete a recording by clicking its trash-can icon.
  • Reorder the recordings by dragging the icons to the left of the names.
  • Add a recording using the button at the bottom.

All of these things were possible before, but some of them could only be done via the slice manager, as opposed to the slice page itself — which was inconsistent and required a little too much clicking. Our goal was to make everything accessible while you edit the slice directly.


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