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New: Copy notation across slices

We’ve just launched a new feature in our notation editor: you can copy notation across slices. You’ll find the button in our editor’s Other Tools menu.


Click that button, and you’ll see a list of all the other slices in your account. Once you’ve chosen a slice, we’ll import that slice’s full notation into the slice you’re currently editing.

We already had a “Duplicate slice” feature, which is accessible in the slice manager — so what’s the difference between that and this new feature? “Duplicate slice” duplicates all the recordings and syncpoints, while “Copy notation” only copies the notation. Both can be handy depending on your workflow.

This feature is available to all Soundslice users with a paid account.


Can I copy just a section from another slice instead of importing the whole notation (which replaces the current slice)
Have a look at "Copying from one slice to another" on this page:…

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