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New design for our syncpoint editor

We’ve redesigned our syncpoint editor — the tool that lets you sync your music notation with real recordings.

It used to look like this:


And now it looks like this:


Aside from some visual differences — a new color scheme, smaller syncpoints, a different style for the buttons — here are the larger new features:

  • Cropping is always available. Previously, you had to click “Crop” to enter cropping mode, at which point you could drag the left or right edges. Now, scissors icons are always available below the waveform, meaning you don’t need to enter a separate mode. Just drag the scissors left or right.
  • There’s a new area describing the current status. In the screenshot above, it’s the text that says “You’ve synced 13 bars.” When you first start syncing, this will say “Create your first syncpoint by tapping ‘T’ on the keyboard.” If your slice already has notation, it’ll tell you how many bars you’ve synced and how many bars are in the notation. Our goal here is to give some more context on what the next step is, especially for newcomers to Soundslice.
  • We’ve repositioned the zoom in/out buttons so they don’t overlap syncpoint circles. This fixes a longstanding minor annoyance.

Everything else remains the same, so we expect seasoned Soundslice users will feel right at home with this redesign.


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