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Full-screen mode and more

We’ve just launched support for a Soundslice full-screen mode. There’s now a “View full screen” button in the Settings menu on score pages:

Screenshot of 'View full screen' button

Click that to launch the Soundslice player full-screen, giving you a focused, distraction-free practice environment.

If you embed Soundslice in your own site through licensing or Soundslice For Teachers, you’ll need to make a slight change to your embed codes to enable this. Due to the way browsers work, you’ll need to edit your <iframe> code to add an allowfullscreen attribute, like this:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="500" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We’ve updated the embed link in the Soundslice score manager to include allowfullscreen for all scores going forward.

Feel free to remove allowfullscreen for any particular score’s embed code if you don’t want to allow full-screen. If allowfullscreen isn’t provided, then your users won’t see the “View full screen” button in Settings for that score.

Other improvements this past week:

  • Added support for text (e.g., expression markings) below the staff, not just above the staff. Our MusicXML importer will now honor the proper above/below position.
  • Improved note-tie rendering in case of notes that are a second apart.
  • Improved slur rendering not to be overly curvy.
  • Improved our GPX importer to support 128th notes.

Finally, if you’re technically inclined and would like to learn about how we ensure Soundslice software quality, check out this geeky blog post I wrote about our testing process.


Hi; I use this full screen mode on my MacBook. I like it, and tried it with my iPad, but the "view full screen" button does not appear. Is there something I can do to make it work on iPad? Thanks!
Hey John — unfortunately Apple doesn't support web pages going full screen in iOS. There's nothing we can do about it other than hoping they end this limitation... :-/
Hi, thanks for the reply. I managed to play with the zoom on the ipad screen to sort of simulate the full screen. I guess that's the best option given the apple limitation
Hello again,
I noticed another detail related to this. The only time I can change the "play options" such as "count-in" or "no count-in" is when the score is in full screen mode. As such, I am unable to set or use the "count-in" on my iPad. Even on the Mac, after setting "count-in" in full screen mode, it stays set when I leave full screen mode and there is no way to turn it off without returning to full screen mode.

Would it be possible to make the "play options" available when the score is not in full screen mode?

Thanks for consideration,
Hi John — drop us an email at if you get a moment. I can't reproduce this problem and would like to get some more info.

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