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Simpler file attachments in courses

Here’s an improvement for those of you creating Soundslice courses. We’ve changed file attachments so that they’re attached to courses instead of slices.

Previously, each slice in the slice manager had a “Manage file attachments” link next to it. This is where you could upload arbitrary files, such as PDFs, to make them available in any courses that slice was in.

But we found this was problematic — people assumed this was just a way to attach files to slices and didn’t realize they’d need to create a course as well. And some people creating courses would create “dummy slices” just for the purpose of adding file attachments to the course!

All in all, it was a confusing system. So here’s what we’ve changed:

  • You can now attach files to courses. When you edit a course, you’ll now see a “Files” tab, where you can upload and delete files.
  • The student view of a course has changed. Instead of the file attachments being displayed under each respective slice, they’re displayed at the bottom of the list of slices, in a dedicated “Course files” section.
  • For all file attachments in the old system that were attached to a slice that was in one or more courses, we’ve automatically moved those files to their corresponding course(s).
  • “Manage file attachments” is no longer available in the slice manager, except for a few users who had file uploads that hadn’t been assigned to any slices within courses. For these users, we’re going to reach out on a personal basis to ask what you’d like to do with those files.

We’re always keen to hear feedback from people creating courses, so please let us know what you think of the changes.


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