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Improvements to multiple-voice editing

We’ve simplified the way multiple voices work in our notation editor.

Previously, if you wanted to create a second voice in a given bar, you had to explicitly click the “Add voice” button. Our editor’s Voices menu — where you switch between voices — would only show the numbers for the voices that existed in the selected bar. And if you wanted to clear a voice, you had to click “Delete voice.”


Now, it’s much simpler. The Voices menu always shows numbers 1 through 4, and we’ve removed the “Add voice” and “Delete button” buttons. To write in a voice, just select the voice number and start entering notes.


We’ve also fixed a related annoyance when moving between bars. Previously, if you were in voice 2-4 and clicked into a bar that didn’t have that voice defined, we would automatically create the new voice, with a single rest. This was annoying if you inadvertently clicked on a bar without meaning to create a new voice!

Now, if you click into a bar that doesn’t have the current voice defined, we’ll still create a rest — but it will be a “temporary” voice. If you then navigate to another bar (or voice) without having entered any notes, we’ll immediately delete that temporary voice. This is much nicer, and it means you don’t need to worry about creating random voices all over the place.

Finally, there are two other changes as part of this:

  • When you drag across notation, the selection is now limited to the current voice. Previously, it would select everything across all voices, and there was no way to limit the selection to a single voice.
  • We now gray-out all notes outside the current voice, when the editor is open. Previously, we did this only for the currently selected bar. And we’ve improved the gray-out effect to include the note stems, making it easier to see which voice you’re editing.


It's useful that note selection is limited to the current voice. But there doesn't seem to be any way to copy from one voice and paste into another.
See "Can I move a note from one voice to another?" here:…

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