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More control over text formatting

For those of you creating slices: We’ve improved “beat text” and “expression text” so that you can toggle the font, font size and italics.

Previously, beat text always used the same font, and you couldn’t change its formatting. Expression text was only slightly better — you could toggle italics on or off.

Now, you can style both forms of text using the same options:


This is available now in our notation editor. All existing text appears exactly as it appeared before (but you can of course tweak it now).

With this change, “beat text” and “expression text” have essentially been unified — begging the question, what’s the difference between them? We’ve added a Text section to our editor help page to explain the subtle differences.

Finally, this is just the first step toward more enhanced text in slices; much of this project was about changing things internally to make richer formatting possible. What’s next? We’d love to hear from you about what kinds of text improvements you’d like to see.


Perhaps, in the future, it would be good to preset your own style for different texts, or at least remember the last. So that it is not necessary to set everything for each text event separately
Thanks — that's a good idea!
Speaking of writing texts. I have an idea for a small improvement of the texts written as Lyrics [W]. It would be useful as in Band-in-a-Box® or TableEdit SW.

By that I mean that when I am in the Lyrics [W] dialog box, I could move back and forth between the notes using the [Control-Shift-TAB] or [Control-TAB] keys or some buttons in the dialog.

It would also be possible to switch between different voices, thus keeping the line in the following note

It is possible that in my bad English everything is not clear. I will try to send a picture, separately by email
Thanks — yes, that makes perfect sense. We are already working on a better interface for lyrics entry, which will allow quick movement between notes. Stay tuned...

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