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Quick licks: April 1 through the years

We like to have a good time around the Soundslice water cooler. Here’s our collection of April Fool’s Day slices throughout the years.

2020 — 4’33” by John Cage

Be sure to toggle through the different interpretations of this piece by clicking on the “Recordings” menu. There is much to study.

2019 — “In the Air Tonight” deer fill

This…is our magnum opus.

2018 — Nothing

We didn’t have one this year. :( It was the weekend.

2017 — Keyboard Cat and Vladamir Putin

2017 was a strong year for pianos.

2016 — Sarah Palin and Met at Work

2016 was a strong year for woodwinds. Yes, that’s actually Sarah Palin. For continued entertainment, why not watch the rest of that Men at Work music video? It’s as wild as the song is good.


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