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New editor features, April 2

We’ve made some improvements to our notation/tab editor:

Two-bar repeats (similes)

We already supported two-bar repeats, aka similes, when imported via MusicXML. Today’s improvement makes it possible to create them directly in our editor. Here’s what the button looks like:


This notation means “repeat the previous two bars.” Here’s an example:

Copy and paste across voices

Finally! This makes our copy and paste feature much more useful when working with multi-voice music.

New design for text entry

We’ve improved the look of the interface for editing text:



These updates will be really helpful. Thanks!
Glad to hear it, Shan. You're very welcome! :)
HI, New : Two-bar repeats, can play the synthetic sound of the previous two bars.
Could it be repeating one measure and also the symbol for repeating the chord "/" inside the measure?

Karel Jacko
Is it possible to select the whole warehouse and make a permanent transposition into another key?

Or when exporting and importing via MUSIC XML, respect the current transposition?
Copy and paste across voices. | is a perfect feature. Yet it would be good to be able to raise the tones in bulk, eg by a third or a fifth higher. Today I have to export it to another program first, do it there and re-import it to Soundslice
Sorry, I know that any new functionality will trigger new demands right away. I know it from my daily work.

Hi, I hope you could make the text entry field bigger. Especially when you write bar texts that could be quite long explanations, it is hard when you only can few words in the small field.

Best Regards,
HI Jukka, we've improved that this week! It is now a lot nicer to enter longer text in the notation editor.

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