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Recent transcription covers

These past two weeks we’ve seen some fantastic slices of musicians playing through the transcriptions they’ve made on Soundslice. Perhaps it’s thanks to all the time at home? We’d like to salute these players here for taking their transcription practice to the next level.

Ella Fitzgerald transcription — @marcozammuto

Kudos to Marco for this cross-instrument transcription. He happens to have another equally ambitious Clifford Brown transcription for upright on his channel.

Queens of the Stone Age transcription — @rossnicoll

An iconic rock drum part. Ross nails the feel and fills here!

Django Reinhardt transcription — @wim

With a metronome clicking away on 2 and 4, Wim goes through one Django’s most-famous solos. You’ll notice that this is a cover of a transcription from the Soundslice channel of @chrisfargen — see his page for much more from Django.

Bill Evans transcription — @joliveiramusic

Swinging away and completely locked-in with Bill Evans! Awesome job, João. (We’d be remiss to not mention your recent Coltrane transcription too.)

Allan Holdsworth transcription — @cemevin

This Holdsworth transcription gets to outer space. And for the complete-opposite flavor, see Erdogan’s performance of Benson’s “Stella by Starlight.”

For more

Thanks to everyone who shared these slices. If you like this concept, we’ve got a “Transcription cover” playlist with more where this came from. If you happen to make your own transcription cover slice, please shoot us an email to be included in the playlist.


Hey, very nice to have this transcription playlist.

Please have a look at the Carl Verheyen version of the Beatles slice I’ve added and if you like it include in the playlist as well.

Take care, Tiago

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