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Introducing our free MusicXML viewer

MusicXML is the de facto standard for sharing music notation. Say you notate some music in Sibelius and want to open it in Finale. Sibelius can’t open a native Finale file, or vice versa, but both programs support MusicXML. It’s kind of a “lowest common denominator” that most notation programs can deal with.

Given the importance of MusicXML in the world of digital sheet music, we were surprised to discover that there’s no good, free MusicXML viewer online. So we built one for you! Here you have it: our free MusicXML viewer.

It’s a simple utility that lets you upload any MusicXML file and see the resulting notation in our state-of-the-art player. You can view it, toggle parts and listen to it. There’s no need to log in — just upload, wait for it to process and you’re done.

Files you upload are visible only to your computer, and only for 10 minutes. If you’d like to have longer access, along with the ability to share/embed/etc., check out our Soundslice For Teachers product.

We’re providing this as a public service for musicians, copyists, developers building MusicXML software and anybody else who might find it useful. Enjoy!


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