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New: Solo a track with a single click

Here’s a new feature that makes it easier to isolate the music you want to learn. Our player’s settings menu now has a Solo button next to each track:


Click Solo to hide the notation of all other tracks, displaying only the track you want to see. This is great if, for example, you’re looking at a choral piece or full band arrangement, and you only want to see your specific part.


Technically this was already possible on Soundslice — we’ve offered a way to hide parts of notation for years now. The problem was that it took lots of clicks! In the above example, you’d have to click the yellow icons to disable notation and lyrics for each track, one at a time. The Solo button turns six clicks into one, making this common task much quicker.

Note that the Solo button will only appear in slices that have at least two tracks. The button wouldn’t make much sense in single-track slices. :-)


Yes..waiting for this..great
That's great! Really helpful.

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