New ways to customize the Soundslice embed, and more

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on July 7, 2015

As always, we’re improving Soundslice daily. Here’s the latest news...

We’ve added three new ways of customizing the Soundslice player when it’s embedded in your web site. Here are the new options:

These are all “URL parameters,” which are explained in our player API documentation.

Another small but helpful thing: for those of you who enter video URLs for recordings, it’s now possible for you to change the video URLs after you’ve created them. Just click the pencil icon next to any video recording in the Score manager.

Beyond that, we’ve made dozens of improvements to our MusicXML importer (too many to list!), along with dozens of improvements to our notation rendering, including:

Stay tuned for more love and affection from the Soundslice team.


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