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How to put finishing touches on for-sale courses

Selling courses on the Soundslice store? We’ve put together a brief video guide with presentation and marketing tips for you. We frequently help creators push their course over the finish line with these very tips, so we thought it was time to put the information together in one place.

The specific tips highlighted in the video are:

  • 1. Write a good description.
  • 2. Add a YouTube promo video. (Use YouTube tags.)
  • 3. Add preview slices.
  • 3a. Show only a portion of a slice as a preview.
  • 4. Publish preview slices to your channel.
  • 5. Share your course. (See our guide on sharing slices.)

If you’re making your own for-sale Soundslice courses and have some questions not answered in the video, comment here and let us know. We’re always looking for new things to (better) explain.


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