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New courses from the Soundslice community, July 22

July has been a busy month for new courses produced by musicians in the Soundslice community. Here are the four latest.

Daily Blues Licks (@jellybean) — $39.99

John Casson is a blues guitar instructor from Auckland, New Zealand. He runs a busy YouTube channel and Facebook group where he often posts daily licks for his followers to learn.

In this course, John takes you through 50 of these licks. He’ll show you how to execute them technically, and he’ll describe when to use them harmonically. See the sample below for a sense of a typical lesson.

Purchase or preview the course here.

Jake Fine | Tab Pack #2 | Creative Acoustic Pieces (@JakeFineMusic) — $10

If you dive through Instagram to find new musicians, you may have already come across guitarist and producer Jake Fine. Over there, he regularly posts mini-compositions for guitar that are built off unique patterns and beautiful tunings.

This new tab pack of his is an acoustic follow up to his first electric one. The collection contains transcriptions for five compositions that sound like a million bucks on the acoustic. You can purchase or preview the course here.

Melodic Dimension (@TeAiris) — $0

TeAiris Majors is a high school band director and percussionist in San Antonio, Texas. This free course of his serves as resource and source of inspiration for practicing mallet players. The course has challenging drills (workouts) for every major scale that are to be played side-by-side with a composed backbeat. Practicing scales does not get much more entertaining than this — see the preview below for proof.

In reality, you don’t need to be a keyboard percussionist to use these exercises — they work just as well on any instrument. In addition to the scale workouts are a collection of four-mallet exercises and unique arrangements by TeAiris himself. You can get the free course here.

Waterfall Sunrise (@RonFranklin1) — $10

Ron Franklin is a performing artist as well as a guitar and ukulele instructor at San Diego Community College. This piece of his, “Waterfall Sunrise,” is in slack-key tuning and sounds just lovely. You can listen to the full recording in the embedded YouTube video below. (The descending lines do make you think of a waterfall, don’t they?) To purchase the transcription, click here.

If you like what you hear from Ron, you might like this other solo guitar piece of his, “Happy Hoedown,” which uses an open C tuning.

Create and sell your own courses

Did you know you can create and sell your own lessons and transcriptions on Soundslice? We have a section of our store dedicated to community-created courses. You’ll also see any such course listed on the channel of its creator (as in the neighboring photo). If you’re comfortable creating slices and you’re interested in making instructional content, check out our guide on selling courses.

If you’re new to Soundslice, we recommend that you first get a feel for making a slice or two for your own channel before diving into course creation. Have a look at our “Getting started” video.


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