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New courses from the Soundslice community, August 6

Three new guitar courses have made their way to the Soundslice store this past week. The first two are beautiful solo compositions, the third is an instructional all about extended technique for acoustic players.

Waltz for Bireli (@antoineboyermusic) — $6

If there’s been a silver lining to the quarantine for Antoine Boyer, it’s that he’s been able to compose. His newest piece, “Waltz for Bireli,” is a solo guitar tribute to the great Biréli Lagrène.

The waltz’s main motifs have punchy and powerful chords that rise and fall — you can almost picture the string section of an orchestra. In between these moments are single-note explosions of pure guitar playfulness that make you think of Mr. Biréli himself.

Watch the full performance below. Click here to purchase the transcription.

This Moment (@klotzguitar) — $6

“This Moment” is a meditative fingerstyle composition by Chicago guitarist Eric Klotz. About the piece, he says:

I think we can all agree we are living through a historically difficult time. I’ve had many conversations with people about days where depression is getting the better of them, myself included. On the flip side, we have seen humans working together in ways that are inspiring and give hope that we will see better days.

This song was written in this context and for me carries both a deep sadness and moments of optimism. I decided to call it “This Moment” because when the last note is played, I feel very present in the moment. There is some relief in being fully in the present moment in that we aren't worrying about the future or past. I hope this brings a similar peace to you.

Preview or purchase the transcription here.

Advanced Acoustic Mastery (@SDPguitar) — $22

For those interested in acoustic guitar and music with a back beat, have a look at Simon Pratt’s new release, Advanced Acoustic Mastery. The two-hour course takes you through six mini compositions that use advanced tapping techniques, a variety of open tunings and hybrid picking ideas.

See the embedded slice for a preview of the kind of guitar flash you can expect. For more previews or to purchase the course, click here.

Create and sell your own courses

Did you know you can create and sell your own lessons and transcriptions on Soundslice? We have a section of our store dedicated to community-created courses. You’ll also see any such course listed on its creator’s channel (as in the neighboring photo). If you’re comfortable creating slices and you’re interested in making instructional content, check out our guide on selling courses.

If you’re new to Soundslice, we recommend that you first get a feel for making a slice or two for your own channel before diving into course creation. Have a look at our “Getting started” video.


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