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Nicer scrolling on smartphones and tablets

Using Soundslice on a touch device, such as a smartphone or tablet? You’re going to love the improvements we’ve just made to scrolling and zooming.

This is best explained by showing. Here’s a quick before-and-after video:

Previously, using a single-finger swipe would stop scrolling the music as soon as you lifted your finger — which felt icky and unrefined. Now, the music will continue scrolling for a bit even after you lift your finger — just like a news article or social media feed. (The technical term for this is “momentum scrolling.”) It feels so much better.

Previously, using a two-finger “pinch zoom” would temporarily hide all the notes except for bar lines and staff lines. Now, we keep everything visible, to give you clearer, more immediate feedback.

These changes make a huge difference in how responsive Soundslice feels on your mobile device. Enjoy!


Great work. The Zoom function is so much better now.
Your product rocks and just gets
Better and better.

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