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New: Quickly toggle our editor off

If you’re editing one of your slices, you’ll now see a button at the top of the screen that lets you quickly hide the editor.

It’s a little dropdown menu that says “Editing” by default. Click that, and you’ll be able to change it to “Viewing” to toggle off editing mode:


We used to have a similar feature, but it was removed when we redesigned our editor a few months ago. Now it’s back, with a (we hope) clearer design.

Why might you want to temporarily disable the editor? A few reasons:

  • To give yourself some more screen space while using the syncpoint editor.
  • To practice the music instead of editing it.
  • To see your slice as students would see it.

We plan to expand this menu to include some more view options in the future. Stay tuned!


Just yesterday, I was wondering why I still have to leave the editing mode by clicking on the path to the song.

In edit mode, it would still be useful to see the numbers of all measures, not just those at the beginning of the line.

Thanks for the suggestion there! Yes, adding an option for "Display bar numbers for every bar" is on our to-do list. :)
This is great! I do tons of screen sharing now on zoom lessons, and I've been constantly going in and out of these modes, the new button saves me a lot of clicks. Thanks! I also just noticed the /edit URL does an automatic redirect when shared with someone without editing privileges, also great, as I had been manually trimming those.
Glad to hear it! And, yes, the /edit/ redirect was another change we made recently (not large enough of a change to merit a blog post). :-)

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