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More money for artists in the Soundslice store

Today we’re announcing a big change to the Soundslice store. We’re changing our revenue split so that artists get 85% instead of 70%. This means that for every course purchased, more money goes directly to artists.

Why make this change?

ArtistsA big reason is how the store itself has changed. In our early days, if an artist wanted to put a course together, we (the Soundslice team) handled the majority of that course’s production — from planning to video editing to meticulous transcribing. We didn’t yet have built-in tools that would let artists do it themselves. We’ve always wanted to open the store, making it accessible to artists beyond our own circle.

In last few years, we’ve rolled out features to make that a reality. Everything from giving artists a way to create coupon codes to launching our full-fledged notation editor. (We used to have to upload notation from other programs.) These tools have now been battle-tested by artists around the world, and the “Community-created” section of our store has grown beautifully.

Another reason is an acknowledgement of the fact that, for many artists, income from concerts and tours has all but vanished this year. We’re at a point as a company where we’re able to reduce our percentage cut and still keep the lights on, so we have an opportunity to positively impact artists’ livelihoods at a critical time.

The Soundslice store has always maintained an artist-first mentality. To date, artists have collectively earned more than $400,000 in sales on our platform. We are stoked about that, and we are stoked about being able to push this deal to an even better place for them.

We hope you’ll continue to support artists by buying Soundslice courses. And if you’ve got something to teach, we welcome you to make your own course.


You arr the best !
Thank you! 🙏🏻
Thank you! ✌
Great company!

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