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Bookmarking now available on every slice

Here’s an improvement that should make it easier to organize the music you’re practicing in Soundslice. You can now bookmark any slice sitewide.

Previously, our bookmark feature was only available on slices that were posted to somebody’s public channel. Now, you can bookmark anything — slices in a course you’ve purchased, slices a teacher has assigned you, slices you’ve created yourself but haven’t posted publicly, etc.

To make this possible, we moved the bookmark icon to the top of the slice page. Previously it was in the “sidebar” area, by the slice description, but only certain slices have sidebars. Here’s what it looks like (the orange icon at top):


As always, your bookmarks are available on a dedicated bookmarks page for easy access. The latest few are also available on your overview page (the main page you see when you log in).


All looks like its working as designed. Nice.

Its not super useful to me for the way I interact with soundslice. What would be would be useful is if I could make 'playlists' and have them orderable. Not sure if that would be useful for most people though as I don't know how they use soundslice.

For me allowing a single song to be bookmarked to separate playlists would be useful to keep practice ordered.

currently my flow is:
* go to the practice folder, open a song, practice, back
* select another song, repeat.

If playlists was a feature I can see myself making practice playlists then the flow would be:
* go to the bookmarks folder, select a playlist, select a song, play
* hit NEXT to go to the next song in the playlist.

also possibly,
* select an existing practice playlist, clone it, rename, re-order it. (to have the same songs but in a different order)
All makes sense and thanks for that detail, really helpful! We definitely have some ideas on how to improve bookmarks in the future.
bookmark icon is not on the top
i dont see it
where can i find it?

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