New chord-chart view (and more)

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on September 30, 2015

Sometimes you just need to see the chords — nothing else. Today, we’ve launched a chord-chart view that hides notation/tab and only shows you the chords, in a lovely, compact interface. It’s available for any Soundslice score that has chords in it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Load any Soundslice score that has chords (example).
  2. Open the track controls by clicking the track name to the left of the notation.
  3. Under “View options,” click the music note icon to hide the standard notation. If your score has tablature, click the tablature icon to hide the tablature. You’ll now see a chord chart.

Screenshot of chord chart

A few things to notice here:

If you embed Soundslice in your own site, you can show the chord chart by default by using the show_staff=0 and show_tab=0 URL parameters for our embed.

Beyond that, we’ve made several other improvements lately:

Finally, some new stuff for partners who embed our player:


I just discovered this chord chart view option and it's great! And I am really happy to see that it's available in Soundslice scores included with Truefire lessons. Is there a way to hide pickup measures in this view? It would be really nice to have the 1st measure of a part pinned so that it is viewed as the first measure in the chord chart. As it is, pickup measures are displayed and an offset is created for the remaining measures.
@beenawhile That's an excellent point about the pickup measures in chord charts! We'll add this to our to-do list...

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