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New: Make fine-grained pitch corrections

Sometimes you might be working with audio that’s out of tune. Perhaps it’s an older recording, or it uses a pitch standard other than A440, or the musicians simply didn’t tune their instruments.

For these situations, Soundslice now supports pitch correction (aka pitch shifting). You can make fine-grained tweaks to your audio’s tuning, so that you can practice along with it without needing to detune your instrument.

This is now available within our syncpoint editor for all MP3 recordings. You’ll see new controls for Semitones and Cents:


As you change the pitch there, it will immediately take effect in audio playback. What’s more, you can then save your pitch correction so that it’ll automatically be applied to anybody viewing your slice going forward.

For more on our new pitch correction feature, see the new help page.

Transposition of audio playback

We’re also launching a related feature: our transposition feature now supports transposing the audio (for MP3 recordings).

Previously, the transposition function only transposed sheet music and synthetic audio playback. Now, the transposition also applies to MP3 recordings — meaning the audio will change key seamlessly with the sheet music.


If you’d rather not transpose the audio, uncheck the new “Transpose audio playback” checkbox. This will keep the audio as-is while continuing to transpose the notation.


Great !!
It just keeps getting better, perfect for Hendrix like Eb tuned guitar parts, no more pitch editing in third party software and/or retuning the guitar during the lessons.
Very nice. Quite useful
I have been needing this. Thank you very
much for listening.
Whoa, this solves a problem for me! The audio in this song has guitars tuned halfway between E and Eb. Can't wait to try this
Great feature!
Great feature, thanks!
Thanks a lot, that's a cool feature.
There's another condition where that same function would be cool: when someone post a slice written for another guitar tuning (for exemple, tuned a half-tone down, in Eb). So, it would be cool to transpose in E tuning so we could play along without tuning our guitar down. Actually, when we transpose a half-tone higher, the sound change but the tabs number follow. Or maybe I missed a manipulation?
Super cool. Is it possible to save a slice in the new transposed key? I understand how to transpose my slices, but don't see that it's possible to then save the slice in the new transposed key (my work around has been to save slice as a pdf).
Missed this, very cool!

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