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Better touch device support

We’ve just made some nice improvements to Soundslice’s support for touch devices (such as tablets and smartphones).

First, the big one: you can finally loop music on your touch device. The wait is finally over! To create a loop, you can either:

  • Double-tap in a measure to loop that measure, or
  • Drag horizontally with one finger, across whatever part of the music you want to loop.

Once you’ve made a loop, you can resize it by dragging the edges, just as you’d do with a mouse on a desktop/laptop.

Here’s a video I made, demonstrating the looping and other touchscreen features on my iPad:

Aside from the looping, we’ve made several design tweaks to make our interface easier to use with your fingers. Previously, you might have struggled with tapping on the vertical scrollbar to the right of notation, or the “X” in the track controls menu. We’ve increased the clickable area of those bits, so that they’re much easier to tap. It’s a tiny thing but makes the experience feel so much better.

Finally, we’ve improved the performance of our player on touch devices. Panning through notation, especially, is significantly faster and more responsive.


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