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Auto detection of ignorable music in PDF scans

Here’s a somewhat obscure but important improvement to our sheet music scanner:

Sometimes a music score includes a small bit of music that’s not actually part of the main score. Here, for example, the score starts with some tuning information, which I’ve highlighted in red:

Image of sheet music with small stave highlighted

Until today, our scanning system would happily import all of that, because the system treated all notes and bars with equal importance. This could wreak havoc in your importer results, creating extra instruments or appending bars and staves in weird places.

Today, we’ve fixed this! We now detect staves that appear to be too small in context, and we’ll prompt you to ask whether you want to include that music. Here’s what the new “Should we include this?” question looks like:

Screenshot of new review question

If you select “No, ignore it,” our system will completely disregard all music in that highlighted area, leading to a higher quality import.


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