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‘Smart’ grouping of music-scanning questions

If you’ve imported any PDFs via our beta music scanning tool, you know that our system will ask you questions about things it’s not 100% certain about. Sometimes this produces many questions with the same auto-guessed answer, like this:

Screenshot of three review questions, each of which has the same answer

In this case, my PDF had three cases of the chord “G♯m” and our text-recognition system wanted me to verify each of them was correct.

We now treat this situation in a better way. For questions that have the same detected value, we’ll group them together and simply ask you to click the ones that are wrong, like so:

Screenshot of a single review question that asks the user to deselect the incorrectly detected images

Much more compact! Even though it’s the same number of verifications, it takes up a lot less space and less mental energy.

At the moment, this automatic grouping is limited to certain types of questions — the text-based ones, as opposed to the more graphical ones. Hope you continue to enjoy our scanning system; we continue to improve it on a daily basis.


Great feature. Scanned chord symbol have a problem of using A♭M7 a flat symbol instead of lowercase 'b'.
It causes copy to throw an error.\


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