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Copy and paste now supported across slices

Our editor’s copy-and-paste function now works across slices.

This means you can select some music, hit Control+C, then open a different slice in another browser window and use Control+V to paste into that one.

The exception is Mozilla Firefox, which doesn’t yet support the copy-and-paste technology we’re using. In Firefox, you’re limited to copying and pasting within the same editor session.

Thanks to the folks who’ve requested this feature. We’ve been surprised at how often this particular need comes up for people!


Very good new feature, on the other hand I did not find how to copy the chords (and chord diagram) independently of the notes, moreover the chords seem associated with one of the 4 voices, perhaps it would be preferable to have a " specific channel" and thus be able to copy its content in the same slice or in another.
Thanks, that's a nice idea. In the meantime, here's a useful little trick: create a separate instrument that solely exists for chord names/diagrams, then hide its notation (so that only the chord names/diagrams are visible). This lets you copy and paste just the chords. It also lets you write chords that aren't rhythmically aligned with a beat or rest.
Ok, but when I hide notation I can't copy just Chords.
Ah, yes, you'd have to temporarily enable the notation on that Chords instrument in order to copy.
wooo I was waiting so long for this. Great feature!

No more jumping between Soundslice and Guitar Pro to blend different tabs.
Je voudrais organiser mes partitions en mettant quatre mesures par ligne est-ce possible
Yes, see this help page for information on controlling line breaks:…
A really useful suggestion about the ability of copy/paste that would make my life easier: What about copying the content (many many slices) from one course you created to other, so you don ´t have to add ONE BY ONE and then reordering ALL OF THEM? I know you´re gonna tell me about adding the new student to the course already created, but the idea is only sharing a big number of basic lessons/slices already ordered to create a new course with new slices for the new student that I'll add later. Is it possible in the near future? Am I missing something?
Thanx for ur really good work
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been dreaming of this day!
Yes🍾🍾🍾🍾 you are incredible !!
Thanks. I'm going to try this as a workaround for collaborating on transcriptions with other users.
Also waited for this. thnx
This is awesome!
Legendary, this one has been a long time coming! :)

I never requested it as I figured maybe it just wasn't possible for technical reasons.
Please make this free. It will save people's lives.
Thank you for this update!

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