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Higher-quality printing and PDF export

Today we’ve vastly improved the quality of our printed version, and we’ve made it easier to generate a PDF of your music.

Previously, when you printed a slice, you’d get a popup window that was awkward to work with. We immediately displayed your web browser’s Print dialog, and if you wanted to save a PDF you had to be tech-savvy enough to know how to use “Export as PDF” in your operating system’s UI.

Now, when you print a slice, there’s a much friendlier interface, and it produces a good-looking PDF file directly. You can then either save this file or print it on your own terms.

And the file we give you is now a high-quality vector PDF. Previously, our print version used high-resolution (but rasterized) images of the music. Now, it includes proper vector graphics instructions that scale infinitely. Translation for the less tech-inclined: the files are smaller and the graphics are sharper.

Soundslice is of course about learning and practicing interactively, as opposed to relying on static PDFs — but we respect the fact that sometimes people need to print. We’re happy to have spruced up this dusty little corner of our software.


Bravo for this great improvement, however it seems to me that we can no longer display the page number.
Ah, we didn't include page numbers before, either. Those must have been added by the web browser when you printed in our old way. Usually browsers add headers and footers like page numbers, the current date, the current URL, etc. We'll make a note to consider adding this directly to the PDFs!
Yes, please. Pages without numbers in a long score… loss of time. Thanks
I second the page number request on printing!
I third it!
Don't know if you're still monitoring this, but being able to have footers, and especially headers, would be great. Having a multipage score with nothing on the top of the pages after the first leads to confusion.
ah yes okay I understand, in any case your editor is becoming very good, personally I created my scores directly with it.
This is great! Should the PDFs follow the "Respect Author's stave breaks" so that when it prints it respects your line breaks? The printed sheet isn't following my line breaks that I set so that my section headings always start on a new line.
line breaks follow rules would be great
It looks great...but it doesn't respect the author's stave breaks. The staffs/measures are all over the place.
Update: We've just changed the PDF output to respect the author's stave breaks. Thanks for the feedback, everybody!
This change makes it impossible to print my music the way I want. Before I could print a pdf of my music transposed with only the treble clef. It should persist my music settings in the printout. Is there a workaround to achieve this deprecated functionality? Screenshots?
Sorry about that — it's now fixed, and the PDF will use your current visibility settings. It's now possible to print your music the way you want.
Yippie it works. Thanks for being so fast, responsive. :)
Sometimes I just want to print out notation/tab only, however the pdf printout everything. This is bad idea.
The bad idea has been addressed! We've just improved the PDF export to honor your current notation visibility settings.
The PDF export does not seem to respect the "Hide empty staves" option. Also, with the previous version I was able to scale my exported PDF, but now we don't have that control. Is this something that could be added?
Thanks — it now respects the “Hide empty staves” option. Previously it always hid empty staves, so now effectively you're able to force inclusion of empty staves.

Regarding scaling, do you mean the notation zoom level?
Regarding zoom, I see now this can easily be done from the print dialog.
The exported PDF seems to default to A3 format. An option to choose other formats (like A4) would be nice.
Thanks — if you print from your web browser, you should have the option to choose a different page format from your system's built-in print dialog.
I usually download the PDF straight to a USB stick and print from a copy machine, so changing the format from within Soundslice would be nice.
Changing the format from within the system print dialog does not seem to work. It does not scale into the new format, instead overflows outside the new formats boundaries.
Me too
Using Chrome in MacOS 13.4, and I'm not seeing any option to change paper format. Clicking "Print" goes straight to the generated PDF in A3 format. I'm in the US with a printer that only produces 8.5x11, leaving me unable to print anything usable.

Am I missing an option somewhere?
I absolutely detest the change. The print job no longer matches the settings for the slice. You can't change the margins. It is horrible
Sorry for raising your blood pressure there! We’ve just expanded it to include your current stave width, so you can force some larger margins by reducing the stave width.

Alternatively, if you print from your web browser's print function, you should be able to set the margins to whatever you'd like (using your system's built-in print dialog).
I can't print out the mandarin lyrics, please help. It seen old version is better than new one.
Sorry about that! It should properly support Asian characters now. Please give it another try.
Problems solved, thanks.
It use to print out loop short version, any solution?
Same issue here
It looks like the setting for what aspects for each track are lost when you print... my PDFs are putting tabs under the vocal parts though they are not there in the editor
printing in macOS Ventura 13.4 using safari does not work at all, pressing the print button does nothing...
Why did you choose A3 as default, instead of A4?
We didn't choose A3 — we are indeed using A4, at least as far as we're aware. If it's coming up as A3 for you, I'm not sure why that's happening. Perhaps it has to do with the print settings you're using in whatever software you're using to print it?
The look is much better - thanks. However, when printing from a "focus on this" loop, it doesn't seem to respect the exact loop anymore and adds loads of extra bars at the end.
PDF didn't show up name of composer, and sometimes I wish to print out loop section.
Hey can you add glissandos? We only have the option slide notes but not glissandos or portamentos you need to look what music things you can add. Also note that if you shrink a 32nd note, you will get notes that you don't have in the editor this is a hack in the editor 😉
Again! it didn't support Asian charaters, and still no name of composer. what happen?

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