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New: MIDI export

You can now get a MIDI file for any slice you’ve created. Look for the new “Export MIDI” option when editing a slice:


This is the third export format we support, after MusicXML and GPX. Having a MIDI file can be handy for importing raw note data into digital instruments, DAWs and other music software.

Keep in mind that MusicXML is higher-fidelity than MIDI — it includes more information about music — so we’d recommend using our MusicXML export if possible. But it’s good to have MIDI as an option now!


Great but....what about having a MIDI import option?? There's always the case when you´re transcribing and you don't find the song you want or preparing some band arrangements and you need to use MIDI as a source. Could it be possible soon?

Thanks and keep up the good work
Yes, that’s on our to-do list as well!
YESSSS. Just a final suggestion/idea for your future development to find the solution for a real situation you get constantly as a live musician and music teacher:
Artist: -This is my repertoire. That guy can't play with us. I don't have any score, just these bulk of audio rehearsals and/or this demo. We have a gig tomorrow.

Musician: -No scores? 25 songs? Tomorrow? I don't have time to create a slice for everything and begin to transcribe them. I'll end up having to use some AI service like chordify to analyze the harmony and export a midi file, then drop it on Guitarpro to put the names manually over each one of the chords bc MIDI file doesn't keep it but wait....there´s a tempo change and/or a time signature changes!!! AI didn't recognize it!! AAAGGGH!!! HELP!!!! "

You get the idea, right?
I forgot to mention that, after Guitarpro converted the MIDI to Musicxml, I import it to Soundslice and write sync points but if the audio has tempo/time signature changes it's a nightmare. Could it be possible to select zones to activate automatic sync points when this happens? Very common in medleys
Thank you for this additional function,
is there a way to export the tempo track created by the syncpoints?
We do have an "Export syncpoints" feature, but that's only meant for copying syncpoints from one slice to another — it's not a standard format that other programs can read. We could definitely consider adding an "Export tempo track" feature if there were a standard format for this data. Do you know of one?
In principle precisely the midi file contains tempo change information, that's why I initially thought that this new function also took care of the tempo track.
First, thanks so much for this!! Great, useful feature!

I would love this, too. Maybe the process / feature would look like: 1. Soundslice develops the ability to convert syncpoints into tempo data that can be included in MusicXML and midi exports. 2. A checkbox in the export dialogues that gives us the option to include syncpoints as tempo data? Or they could just be included by default and savvy users could use another tool to remove the tempo data, but the checkbox seems more elegant?
I'd appreciate it if the export menu could be enabled for guest users (those that arrive at a view-only slice using its "secret link"). I expect it could be added using similar (and even some common) logic to the existing "enable/disable printing" option. People who have viewed some of my slices have mentioned they'd like the ability to not only print the sheet music but also to export the score as a MusicXML file.

Since this export functionality already exists for logged-in owners of a given slice, exposing this export functionality (via a slice settings toggle) to view-only guests should be (relatively) trivial, but much appreciated. ;-)
+1 on this!! I'm using openstudio (which uses soundslice) and while the PDF downloads for the scores are great, I would LOVE the midi/MusicXML downloads for the lessons also

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