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Player updates, September 7

Here’s a collection of improvements we’ve made to our player over the last few weeks:

Improved count-in options

We’ve renamed the count-in options and added a new one.

Previously, the options were “Only at start” and “Before each loop.” We felt like these needed a bit of clarification, so the new options are:

  • Always
  • Before playback
  • During loops and clips

Here’s what it looks like in practice:


That last one, “During loops and clips,” is new functionality — it lets you activate a count-in before each loop iteration but not at the start of playback. If this sounds like a really obscure difference that shouldn’t matter, well, let’s just say we hear from some opinionated musicians who are very particular about practice regimens! :-)

Clearer metronome treatment in volume panel

Previously, our player’s volume panel was a bit too clever. It only showed the Metronome section if the metronome was enabled — leading some people to believe it wasn’t possible to change the metronome volume.

Now, the Metronome section is always visible, and it’s simply grayed out if the metronome isn’t enabled:


If it’s grayed out and you hover over it, we’ll give you a quick way to enable the metronome from there:


Keyboard shortcut for quick forward/backward

A simple but handy improvement: you can now use the left and right arrow keys during playback, to jump back or forward by five seconds.

Scrolling no longer disabled during playback

If autoscrolling is active (i.e., you haven’t disabled it), you’re now be able to scroll the music during playback. Previously we blocked this, but in retrospect that felt annoying and limiting.

Note that if you scroll such that the playhead goes off-screen, our autoscroll engine will snap it back into place. So really this new feature is for micro scroll adjustments.

Concert pitch toggle in settings

If you’re viewing music that uses at least one transposing instrument, such as a B♭ clarinet, we’ll now automatically add a “Concert pitch” toggle in the settings menu:


Click that to instantly switch all of the notation to C standard.

Previously this was only possible via the concert pitch button in our editor — and hence only for slices you created yourself. That button (and its associated keyboard shortcut) remains.

Pinch zooming for notation

If you have a trackpad or touchscreen, you can now pinch zoom the sheet music to increase or decrease its size very quickly. Warning: this is quite fun!

Previously this was only possible on iOS. We’ve expanded it to work across all forms of pinching.


Is it possible to be paged and scrollable at the same time. The way it is now, works well on computer, but is a nightmare on tablets, that is what must students use.TIA
Interesting — what would it mean to be paged and scrollable at the same time? Those are mutually exclusive concepts, at least the way we've defined them.

And could you give more details on how it's a nightmare on tablets? We'd love to fix whatever problems you're having but need more info. Feel free to email us if that's more comfortable.
Thank you Soundslice team! Appreciate your commitment to improving the finer details of the ui.
You're welcome! :-)
Does the option ‘always’ for count-in mean that there is always a count-in for this particular piece or that it is the default for other pieces too. I do a course that uses soundslice for practice but I always have to turn count-in on for every piece I want to play.
"Always" means the count-in will happen at the start of playback *and* between loop iterations. This is

We don't have a way to say "always activate the count-in for any slice I view," but we do indeed save your count-in preference on a per-slice basis (if you're in a paid plan). So once you've activated the count-in for a particular slice, it'll remain activated next time you open that slice. See here:…
Please add more editor updates.
The arrow key forward/back is much appreciated! I would have preferred jumping a bar at a time, but this is better than nothing!
Glad to hear it. Please note you can jump a bar at a time with Control+arrow (Command on a mac), though this only works when playback is paused. See more here:…
Lovin the 'Left and right arrow keys during playback, to jump back or forward by five seconds.'
Simple but glorious :)

I find myself using 'Stave Width: Fit To Screen' more often than not...
Is there any way to set a user default Stave Width maybe?

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