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New features and fixes, Nov. 9

Lots of improvements to Soundslice lately.

Since launching stemmed tablature a week ago, we’ve improved it to work nicely in case of multiple voices. With multiple voices, we put the top voice’s stem above the tab. Here’s some dummy notation to demonstrate:

This view is particularly nice for multi-voice fingerstyle guitar music.

Another big improvement: we changed the video-resizing UI to use a solid vertical gray bar instead of three dots. This should be more obvious and easier to click/tap on.

Also new in our player:

  • Improved our YouTube integration to be less “jumpy.” The playhead should be nice and smooth now, especially after seeking/looping.
  • Fixed some bugs in scores that have both a YouTube video and an HTML5 video. Previously, the videos wouldn’t properly switch and/or we wouldn’t maintain the playhead position through the switch.
  • Fixed a bug with drag-to-pan on touch devices.
  • Fixed a bug where the notation would temporarily disappear when activating the visual fretboard.
  • Did a fair amount of memory optimization, to make Soundslice perform even more smoothly.

New notation stuff:

  • When slides/glissandos span a system break, we now properly display the slide on both systems (the end of the first and the start of the second).
  • Our standard notation now renders “slide out” and “slide in.” Previously this was only shown in tablature.

New in the score manager:

  • Made syncpoint deletion more intuitive. When you delete a syncpoint, the subsequent syncpoints will now decrement by one.
  • Fixed a bug in Safari where the “Add recording” page had an extra text box.
  • Fixed the ordering UI not to be buggy when moving the last recording downward.
  • Improved our GPX exporter to properly export tempo visibility.
  • For our partners, we’ve added a speed URL parameter that lets you control the player’s speed at initial page load.

New in our MusicXML importer:

  • We properly handle “hidden” tempos — tempos that affect the synth playback but aren’t visible.
  • We now support parentheses around chord names.
  • Improved positional accuracy of crescendos and decrescendos. Previously, they were aligned under the wrong beats in some cases.
  • We now support Finale’s buggy handling of multiple fingerings for chords.
  • We now support buggy MusicXML with empty parts that have no measure data.


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