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Cross-staff music support

Our editor now supports cross-staff music! You can now create notation like this:


And like this:


This is done via the new “Move note to opposite staff” command, available in the “Format” menu. Click that, and the selected note(s) will switch to the opposite staff:

Animation of switching note staff

Note this only works for grand staff instruments, such as piano. See here for info on how to make sure your instrument is marked as a grand staff instrument.

As part of this, we’ve made some large improvements to our graphics engine. Technically we already supported cross-staff notation (when imported from MusicXML), but there were many situations where the stems and/or beams were formatted poorly. The system is much more robust now.

For more info, see our new help page on cross-staff music.


Thank you Sounslice team for keeping up with the continuous improvement that you do. The more improvements you make the more I know that I am getting the most value for my dollar! I wish I had this when I was a budding musician :)

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