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New: Play synth and real recordings at the same time

Many people have requested this one, and it’s finally here! Soundslice now lets you hear synthetic playback and real playback at the same time. It’s a feature we call synth overlay.

This is specifically designed to help check your notation’s accuracy against a source recording. It’s great for verifying your transcriptions are correct, both in pitch and in timing.

This feature is available for any slice you’ve created yourself. To activate synth overlay, edit your slice and open the recordings menu at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a “Use synth overlay” checkbox there:


If you check this box, playback will use your selected real recording plus synthetic playback on top of it. You can toggle this on/off at any time, and it works with any type of recording: MP3, YouTube or other video. It also works if you’ve changed playback speed or have an active loop.

You’ll probably want to tweak the volume of the synth overlay, to find a sweet spot between “Loud enough that I can hear it” and “Soft enough that I can still hear the original recording.” We’ve updated our volume controls to add a synth overlay section, so that you can find that sweet spot:


For many more details, see our new help page. We hope this helps make your transcriptions more precise and accurate than ever.


Very cool!
Absolument génial !
thank you!
Really a cool feature, thanks a lot!
this make you really the best! thanks!!!!
amazing site

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