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New: Free pro features in courses

All courses on Soundslice now include some paid Soundslice features for free.

If you’ve bought a course from our store, or you’ve been using Soundslice with a teacher, you can now create clips (handy bookmarks to specific sections of music), and your player settings will be auto-saved.

Previously, both of these features were only available if you had a paid plan. But we figured it’s the right move to make these features available to people in this particular case.

Another way to look at it is: this is a new benefit to the Teacher plan. Now all of your students will get those two features for free. :-)


Solid! Thanks man!
Perfect! I try it
Could the soundslice team fix dynamics currently there is no difference between pianissimo and fortissimo.
Yes, our synth playback doesn't pay attention to dynamics at the moment — we'll improve that eventually. I'd highly recommend using a real recording instead of synth playback, as one of our main philosophies is that it's better to learn from real human performances.

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