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Loren and Mark interactive tab with multitracks

We’ve just launched a new interactive lesson on Soundslice Pitch Perfect, and this one is especially cool: “Juice,” by Loren and Mark.

“Juice” is a guitar duet by Loren Baringar and Mark Mazengarb, who are rising stars in the fingerstyle/thumbpicking world. (They’re currently touring with Tommy Emmanuel, and the Soundslice team saw them play in Chicago this past weekend. Check out their site to see whether they’re playing near you!)

This marks the first time we’ve used our multitrack feature in a Pitch Perfect transcription. When you buy the transcription, you’ll get access to the individual multitracks of Loren and Mark’s guitars. This means you can isolate just one of the guitars at a time, which makes it much easier to hear what’s going on. Loren and Mark sent us the original studio multitracks to make this happen.

To switch between multitracks, use our audio-source selector at the bottom:

“Duo” is the original studio recording. Choose “Loren” or “Mark” for the individual guitar parts. As always, we also have a “Synthetic” version that generates MIDI audio based on the notation; it’s useful if you want to play it really slowly while hearing the correct notes.

Check out the demo, and buy the full Juice tab here. Happy picking!


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