New features and fixes, May 3

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on May 3, 2016

As always, we’re constantly polishing and improving Soundslice. Here’s the latest:

Renaming tracks/parts

When you upload notation to Soundslice, we use the track names from your notation file — but sometimes you might want to change them without needing to go back to your original notation program. Now you can!

For any score that you own, you’ll now see a pencil icon in track controls:


Click that, and you’ll be able to rename your track. It’ll be saved as soon as you hit “Enter” or click anywhere else on the page.

Changing default notation view

You probably know that you can use the track controls to hide bits of notation for a given track: you can toggle display of standard notation, tablature, stemmed tablature, chord names/diagrams and lyrics.

Until today, we always displayed everything by default. Now, you can toggle the various bits and save your current view — for yourself and anybody else who views your score. For any score that you own, you’ll see a “Set default” button in track controls whenever you modify the view. Click that, and we’ll save those preferences for the score.


Soundslice player

Notation rendering

MusicXML importing

Score manager / syncpoint editor



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