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Attach extra files to Soundslice scores

Several of our teacher customers have asked us for the ability to upload extra files — such as PDFs — along with their Soundslice scores, to keep all their student materials in one place. Today we launched this new feature!

Here’s how it works...

First, in the score manager, find the score you want to upload extra files to. Hover over its name and click the file icon (“Manage file uploads”).


You’ll reach the file-upload page for this score. On this page, you can upload one or more files. You can also delete files you don’t want to make available anymore.


Once you’ve uploaded a file, it will be instantly available in any course the score is in. Students viewing the course page will see the file link(s) just below the score name. Here’s an example:


That’s it! Simple. This new file-upload feature is available now, for all paying Soundslice For Teachers customers.


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