Improved navigation and changes to the store

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on November 10, 2016

We’ve cleaned up our site’s top-level navigation, plus the structure of our store. These are the kinds of changes that are not particularly sexy but make for a simpler and more intuitive experience. Here’s what’s new:

Simpler navigation

For logged-in users, previously our site’s navigation had three options: “Library,” “Teach” and “Store.” “Library” was for content you’ve bought or were assigned, “Teach” was for content you’ve created, and “Store” was our store.

We found that many people tried clicking “Library“ to access content they’d created — only to find they needed to click “Teach” instead.

Today, that’s fixed. If you’re logged in, you’ll see two links: “Your library” and “Store.” “Your library” contains everything you’ve created, bought or been assigned. Much simpler.

Simpler store

Previously, we had two online storefronts — a byproduct of how Soundslice has organically grown:

These had separate payment systems and separate visual designs — overall, a potentially confusing experience.

Now, everything has been combined into a single store. Pitch Perfect as a separate brand no longer exists.

To help you explore our offerings, we’ve added a filter at the top of the store page. You can filter by genre, instrument and type of material (video lessons vs. transcriptions).

If you’ve bought instructional material from us, you’ll now find a simpler, better-looking page that lists all your purchases — whether from the old Pitch Perfect system or from our newer video-lessons system. It’s all just the store now.


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