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Introducing the Mixer

Here’s something a bunch of you have been requesting for ages. We’ve launched a Mixer view on Soundslice.

This lets you tweak settings of all a score’s tracks/parts in one place. For each track, you can:

  • Show/hide standard notation.
  • Show/hide tablature (full tab vs. stemmed tab vs. nothing).
  • Show/hide chords (chord diagrams vs. just names vs. nothing).
  • Show/hide lyrics.
  • Fine-tune a track’s volume (for our synth audio player).
  • Solo a track’s audio (for the synth player).
  • Mute a track’s audio (for the synth player).

All of this — except soloing and muting — was already possible by clicking track names to the left of notation, but that was a cumbersome process for people who want to make lots of changes at once. The Mixer makes it much faster and easier!

Here are some specific use-cases for the Mixer:

  • Quickly hide the notation for every part except the one you’re practicing.
  • Quickly mute or solo an audio track you’re practicing (if you’re using our synth player, as opposed to an actual audio/video recording).

The Mixer is available now on every Soundslice score. You’ll find it in the “Visualizations” menu — the menu that also contains the Keyboard, Fretboard and Waveform buttons.

If you don’t have a multitrack Soundslice score handy, play around with the Mixer in these examples:

If you embed Soundslice in your own site and want to disable the Mixer, use the new enable_mixer=0 URL parameter, documented here.


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