Scores are now called slices

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on January 21, 2018

The basic unit of our site — a piece of interactive music notation that’s synced with audio/video — has been called a “score” ever since we launched our product in 2014. Today, we’ve changed that. Scores are now called “slices.”

Why the change? A few reasons.

With this change, two things are different across our site today.

First, all our documentation and site copy uses the term “slice” instead of “score.” So, for example, you now use the slice manager instead of the score manager. If you spot a place where we still use the term “score,” please let us know!

Second, slice URLs have changed from /scores/XXXXX/ to /slices/XXXXX/, and we’ve taken the opportunity to change the URLs from using numbers to combinations of letters and numbers, a la YouTube URLs (shorter and more scalable). An example:

Importantly, none of our old URLs have gone away. Links to old-style /scores/ URLs will still work as before. And if you embed Soundslice in your site, nothing has changed — in fact, our embed URLs continue to use /scores/. We tread very carefully when making a change like this, and we’ll give plenty of notice if/when we change the way those URLs work.


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