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Introducing comments and covers

You can now enable two community features on any slice you’ve created: comments and covers.

Comments are what you’d expect. If you enable them on a slice, then people will see a comment thread along the left side of the page. Click the arrow icon to hide the sidebar, to focus on the music itself.


Covers are something new and interesting. If you enable covers on a slice, then other people can easily post a cover version — a video or audio file of themselves performing the same piece of music. All covers will be displayed in a “Covers” tab next to your slice.

Like everything on Soundslice, covers are synced with music notation and/or tablature, in our music player. You can slow them down, navigate by clicking on notation, make loops, etc. When you make a cover, you’re making something much richer than a simple video — you’re making an interactive music-learning and practice package.

Here’s an example slice that has a cover.

We see lots of fun uses for covers. Are you a teacher using Soundslice with your students? Why not create a slice of an exercise or etude, then ask your students to cover it? Are you an artist looking to connect with your fans? Post a slice to your channel and invite people to cover it! Are you a musician looking for new inspiration and challenges? Browse Soundslice Channels and find stuff to cover.

Read more about covers in our new help page.

Note comments and covers only appear when viewed on itself — not when embedded by our licensing partners. If you embed Soundslice in your website, then enabling comments or covers on a slice will have no effect on the embedded player. We may implement that as an optional feature in the future.


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