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Introducing Amateur accounts

Today we’re launching a new type of Soundslice account: an Amateur account.

Previously, you could have either a free account, a Soundslice For Teachers account ($20/month) or a licensing/embedding account.

This new Amateur plan is intended for musicians who want some extra Soundslice functionality without breaking the bank. It’s only $5 a month.

That $5 gets you the ability to:

  • Upload audio/video to your slices, instead of being limited to YouTube.
  • Make “Unlisted” slices — useful if you want to share something without making it public on your channel.
  • Export your notation data — useful if you want to bring it into a desktop notation package for detailed engraving and printing.

We also wanted to give musicians a modest way of supporting Soundslice as a thanks for all the tools we otherwise provide for free. We appreciate your support — with your help, we’re a sustainable business building a product we love.

We’ll be adding more abilities and features to this plan shortly. Stay tuned!


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