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Improvements to our notation editor’s tab note entry

We just fixed our notation editor’s note entry to be more intuitive with regard to tablature.

Since we launched our notation editor a few weeks ago, several people contacted us to point out the unintuitive note-entry behavior on tab tracks. If you selected a track that had tablature — even if you selected the treble staff as opposed to the tablature — note entry via the A-G keys wasn’t possible.

That’s because we changed note entry behavior based on the type of track, as opposed to the type of stave. An obscure distinction, I know, but it was confusing.

At any rate, we’ve now fixed this so that you can always enter notes via the A-G keys if your cursor is in a standard notation stave (tab track or not). If you’re in standard notation that corresponds to tablature, the editor will automatically enter tablature corresponding to the notes. And, of course, you can always select the tablature to make changes to the fingering.

Please keep the feedback coming on our new editor!


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