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Improving how courses are organized

Today we’ve reorganized where your courses are found on Soundslice. Our goal was to make a clearer separation between courses you’ve purchased from our store, courses you’ve created yourself, and private courses you’re a student in.

Previously, the “Your courses” page listed all your courses — both as a student and teacher. Now, that page lists only the courses you’re a student in. And the page is split into two sections (if appropriate) — “Courses from the store” and “Private courses” — which should make it easier to browse for those of you who have lots of courses.

Courses you’ve created are now in a separate section. Click our new “Create” link at the top of any Soundslice page to access all the stuff you’ve created on Soundslice: slices and courses. You’ll see navigation tabs that let you toggle between your slices and courses.

As part of this, we’ve also redesigned the page that lists your created courses to give you some additional information on each course — the number of slices and students. We’ve also redesigned the course-management page to look nicer.

Finally, we’ve added the ability for you to upload a photo for any of your created courses.

We hope these changes make things easier and clearer for those of you making courses!


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