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New: Access your version history

We’ve added a big feature to our notation editor today: you can now view the version history for each of your slices.

The editor’s new “Version history” tab lists all the versions of your slice. We create a new version each time you hit the Save button in the editor or upload/replace a notation file (e.g., MusicXML).


Simply click a version to view the notation at that point in time. Then you can immediately begin editing it — if you want to use it as a new starting point — or return to the latest version.

This can be useful if you want to revert a mistake, restore some older ideas or simply want to see how your slice’s notation has evolved over time.

Version history is available now for all paying Soundslice customers with the Amateur plan or higher. If you’re on the free plan, you can see the version history but can’t select a previous version.

Enjoy the new feature!


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