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New features and fixes, May 8

Here are some modest improvements we’ve made over the last few days:


1. When you’re in edit mode for a slice you own, we now disable the “Syncpoint editor” toggle if the slice doesn’t have any recordings. This should help prevent confusion and help communicate what the syncpoint editor does.


2. Previously, if you wanted to disable the keyboard visualization, or enable the violin fingerboard visualization, you did so in the track controls — the menu accessible by clicking track names to the left of notation. We’ve moved these checkboxes into the “Tracks” section of our notation editor. Click a track there to set which visualizations it supports.


3. In the Mixer, the per-track volume/mute/solo controls only apply to synthetic playback — not, for example, to a YouTube video. This was confusing some people, so we’ve disabled the volume controls unless synthetic playback is active.


3. We’ve improved the rendering of section letters and section names. Letters are now larger, so you can spot them more easily, and they’re always on a separate line from section names.

In section names, the text is now wrapped at the barline, hence preventing situations where long section names could collide with each other or run off the screen.


4. If you include a URL in a slice description or a comment on a slice, we’ll now automatically convert it into a clickable link.


5. When you enter edit mode for a slice that has no recordings, and you see the big “Add a recording” message above the notation, you can now close the message. Previously it wasn’t possible to close it.

6. If you click “Enable printing” when editing a slice, the Print button will immediately be available for you. Previously you had to reload the page in order for it to appear.

7. The latest version of Google Chrome (version 66) broke the way audio works within web pages, so audio playback was temporarily broken in that browser. It’s now fixed.


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