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Default playhead scrolling mode changed

We’ve changed our playhead scrolling algorithm today.

Previously, we ensured that both the current bar and the next bar are always visible during playback. In practice, this resulted in the playhead being near the bottom of the screen.

Now, we always put the current playing bar at the top of the screen. This makes it much easier to read ahead — and generally less stressful during complicated music!

This scrolling mode was already available as a setting (Settings -> Advanced settings -> “Keep playhead at top of screen”). We’ve simply changed the default. You can restore the previous behavior by unchecking “Keep playhead at top of screen.”

For those of you embedding Soundslice, you can use the URL parameter scroll_type=1 to set the old behavior. The previous URL parameter scroll_type=2 is no longer necessary, as it’s default behavior.

Thanks to the several customers who have advocated for this change!


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