New: ‘Drag all’ in syncpoint editor

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on August 2, 2018

We’ve just added a new feature to our syncpoint editor (the tool that lets you sync audio with notation in your slices). You can now drag all syncpoints together.

This is useful if you need to move all syncpoints together by a uniform amount of time, either forward or backward.

Here’s how it works. You’ll now see a “Drag all” button in the syncpoint editor interface:


Click that, and you’ll enter “Drag all” mode:


In this mode, if you drag a syncpoint, all other syncpoints will also be dragged the same amount. Easy!

As a part of this change, we’ve reorganized the syncpoint editor’s interface to add a “More” menu, because the number of tools within the syncpoint editor was getting long. The “toggle notes” and “clear syncpoints” tools now live within that “More” menu:



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