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New: Chord chart view with chord diagrams

We’ve added a new way to view chord charts on Soundslice! For slices that have chord diagrams, you can now view just the diagrams.

This can be useful especially for beginners. Here’s what it looks like:


(Click here to view the full slice for yourself.)

As you’ve come to expect on Soundslice, you can click anywhere in this new view to move to that moment in the audio/video. It will intelligently wrap to fit your device’s screen size, and you can use the zoom controls in the player’s Settings to make things bigger or smaller.

To activate this chord chart view on any slice, open the Mixer and hide the staff notation and tablature (if applicable), leaving only the chord diagrams. That’s it!

Note that we’ve already supported chord chart view, but only with chord names. The new thing today is the ability to include diagrams in the chord chart view. You can toggle between diagram chord chart view and name-only chord chart view in the Mixer.

Here’s a short video showing the feature:


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