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New: ‘Expand repeats’ automatically unfolds repeated music

Today we’re happy to announce a new feature that makes it easier to follow music that has lots of repeats or jumps. It’s called “Expand repeats.”

For these kinds of music, it can be easy to lose your place: “What repeat number am I on?” “Where exactly do I go after the Da Segno?”

That’s what our new “Expand repeats” feature is intended to help with. For any piece of music on Soundslice, you can now open the settings menu, click “Advanced” and choose to expand repeats.

When you do that, all repeats and jumps will be expanded/unfolded, duplicating the notation instead. Effectively, this means that when you press Play at the start of the music, the playhead will always continuously move forward — never jumping backward.

This makes it much easier to follow complex pieces. It also makes it easier to create loops that span a repeat or jump. Enjoy the new feature!


I often see "This feature is not available in your current layout". Can you please clarify what are the layouts that this feature is available?
See "Availability" on the expand repeats help page:…

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