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New: Create slash mark notation

Here’s a nice new feature for those of you using our notation editor: you can now create slash marks (aka slash noteheads).

People traditionally use slash marks to simplify their notation, or to designate that something can be loosely interpreted. Our announcement video gives some examples:

You’ll find the “Slash notehead” button in our notation editor’s Articulations menu, and we’ve updated our help section.

As part of this, we’ve also added a “Hide stem” feature. If you set this option on a slash notehead, it’ll use the stemless style of slashes — a nice look that’s common in jazz and pop lead sheets.

Enjoy the new features!


Hi Adrian,

I do not want to be dissatisfied (I'm excited about every novelty) but I have this idea:

I expected the new feature Slash Notehead function as a simile symbol to repeat the last used chord in the current bar.

E.g. so I will write the G69 chord at first beat in beat and then three times "/"
The result would be the synthesized sound of G69 chord playback at all four beat in bar.

Does this functionality, I suppose, probably not include in this new feature?
It would certainly be useful, including the rhythmic possibilities contained in Slash Notehead. Similarly, it is useful to use symbol "%" to repeat bars.

I believe you will understand my idea

The slash noteheads don't make any sound during synth playback — they are silent. That's an interesting suggestion, to make them simply repeat whatever the currently active chord is...!
Is There for this new feature keyboard shortcut. For example "/"
There's no keyboard shortcut for it yet, but we're planning a way to let you specify your own keyboard shortcuts. When we launch that feature, you'll be able to assign a keyboard shortcut for slash noteheads. :)
I can't access to write slashes on ''Tablature''. Is there anyway? I usually hide the notation staff for students.

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